Follow Christ’s Example

October 11, 2020
Follow Christ's Example. What would Jesus do if He came across someone in need? What would Jesus do about forgiving those who had wronged Him in some way? What woul…

Submit to Civil Authority

September 27, 2020
Paul and Peter make it clear that submission to governing authorities is not only to avoid God's wrath, but also because you could be a wrongdoer, a lawbreaker.

What Is Your Life?

June 7, 2020
Since our life is just a mist that quickly vanishes, we must have a plan of action to maximize it and be prepared for eternity.

The Cure for Conflict

May 31, 2020
Bible Study -- Practical ways to stop sinning Acts 15 Sermon -- The Cure for Conflict James 4:1-12 When my desires conflict with your desires, and I don't get what…