Cast All Your Cares on Him

January 17, 2021
Life can be troubling and even scary sometimes. There will be times when we just don't believe anyone is going to be there for us... or that anybody cares. But…

Shepherding God’s Flock

January 3, 2021
In the first four verses of 1 Peter 5, Peter discusses the ministry, motives, and manner of elders leading the flock of God - the church of Christ.
An elder is one who demonstrates wisdom and maturity, gaining the respect of the community. Such respect enables this person to lead through influence and example.
Micah prophesied strongly against immorality, social injustice, and the oppression of the poor by the rich and mighty. These were similar sins and forms of unrighteousness, which now infect and…

Surprised By Joy part 2

December 13, 2020
Last week I suggested we should not be surprised by persecution when it comes. Some of us may not have ever experienced persecution. But that doesn't we will not experience…

Follow Christ’s Example

October 11, 2020
Follow Christ's Example. What would Jesus do if He came across someone in need? What would Jesus do about forgiving those who had wronged Him in some way? What woul…